Muu maa mustikka – Meille on tärkeintä, että sinä onnistut Kiinassa

Partner Stories

The growth potential is in China


Polar Spring, exporting natural spring water to China

Polar Spring bottles natural spring water in Asikkala, Finland. The export sales of spring water to Shenzhen Bilberry, China started in 2016 with Polar Spring's own brand. In 2017 the project evolved, when Pohjolan Mustikka launched in cooperation with Shenzhen Bilberry new brands "PRUIT" and "GooluGoolu" and started to test the market in China with own water brands. Since then, the sales is done through Pohjolan Mustikka to China. Polar Spring is responsibly of the product quality, safety and packaging. Pohjolan Mustikka is responsible of the exporting process, logistics and cooperation with Shenzhen Bilberry, which handles the branding, sales and marketing locally in China.

Our cooperation with Pohjolan Mustikka Oy has advanced well. Pohjolan Mustikka has a very close relationship with Shenzhen Bilberry. Shenzhen Bilberry as a Chinese entity is well familiar with the Chinese market. China is a huge and developing market. Polar Spring Oy is keen to tap this market.
— Niilo Pellonmaa, CEO, Polar Spring Oy

Aten Marja, exporting cold pressed berry juices to China

Aten Marja manufactures cold pressed berry juices in Hirvensalmi, Finland Shenzhen Bilberry got familiar with the juices in 2014 and started to import bilberry, cranberry, lingonberry and sea buckthorn juices, all without added sugar to China. Especially bilberry, sea buckthorn and cranberry juices are constantly available in Shenzhen Bilberry’s collection in China.

Atte Valkiainen, the CEO of Aten Marja finds the collaboration with Pohjolan Mustikka successful.

”The cooperation with Pohjolan Mustikka and Shenzhen Bilberry has been fruitful. Everything is going smoothly according to the agreements. If the mutual interest remains in increasing and developing the sales, then we are ready to support it from our part 100 %. We are eager to sell our juices to China also in the future. “

This kind of cooperation is a necessity for us, because it allows us, as a supplier, to concentrate on manufacturing process. For a small company it is reasonable to proceed with export sales in a way, where the buyer handles the exporting process, marketing and sales locally in China.
— Atte Valkiainen, CEO, Aten Marja Oy
Chinese Ambassador Finland

The cooperation with the public sector is valued

We organized together with the Chamber of Commerce of South Savo, Mikkeli Development Miksei and City of Mikkeli the visit of HE Ambassador of P.R. China Mr. Chen Li, the madame Qin Sa and the Commercial Counsellor of PR. China Mr. Sun Liwei to South Savo in June 2017. The program of the visit included symposium in natural food production in South Savo, in which the Minister of Agriculture in Finland Mr. Jari Leppä also gave his greetings.  Otherwise, the visit was filled with the meetings in cleantech sector, the company visits and educational meetings. Pohjolan Mustikka was proud to introduce the Ambassador also with Aten Marja-Aitta and Polar Spring, which whom Pohjolan Mustikka and Shenzhen Bilberry cooperates closely.

The program of the symposium