Muu maa mustikka – Meille on tärkeintä, että sinä onnistut Kiinassa
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We want to see more Finnish products in the Chinese market

Finnish natural food and drink products are highly appreciated in the Chinese market because of their healthy, safe, and exotic aspects.  Since 2017, we export Finnish spring water and berry juice with our own brands Pruit (pure fruit) and GooluGoolu (sound of drinking) to the Chinese market. We also export, since 2014, other natural food products with the brands of our suppliers. We can handle the export sales and the delivery arrangements into China.  The sales in Finland are domestic sales for the supplier. How easy is that!

In China we have our own sister company, Shenzhen Bilberry, which handles the importing and connections to different distributing channels within the Chinese market.

We are professionals in exporting from Finland and importing to China, and in getting our products to Chinese customers. 



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Exporting of ready made food products is crucial for the Finnish food production industry.
— Antti Tahvanainen, Director of research, Etla, HS 24.9.2017 Marko Junkkari and Katriina Pajari

If you are interested in exporting your natural, high-quality local products, please consider us as your partner to help you enter the Chinese market. The market in China is big enough for all Finnish suppliers.

We have connections to several online distribution channels, like Taobao, JinDong, and direct sales customers in China, such as Beijing Hualian, Ole and BHG.

We are present in the major cities in China - Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqin, Guiyang, Hefei, Nanjing, Hanzhou and Hong Kong.